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Horticulture Contest

Send us 3 creative horticulture programs with descriptions, pictures and supplies and state why it was a success. This must be programs you did with your residents but we don’t need to see the resident in the picture. It should be a picture of the finished program or product. If you do send pictures with your residents you will need to get permission from your residents to send these pictures as they will be printed on line on our web site. Deadline August 10th 2007.

Email your pictures, description of programs and supplies needed for the program to IN THE SUJECT LINE OF THE EMAIL PUT “HORTICULTURE CONTEST”. Judging will take place August 15 2007. Please include Name of your facility, type of facility, your name, facility address, and title, phone number and email address.

Prizes to be awarded: $100.00 worth of party supplies from party store. Because the product line is so inexpensive, $100 is really like $300 because you get so much for the value.

A sample idea might be to have a Rose Show or garden show? Very easy to do. Simply use tables covered in white table cloths. Purchase water that comes in green or blue bottles. Take the water label off of the bottle. Place one flower in each bottle. Place a white card with the name of the flower. Ask your florist for 100.00 worth of flowers and one of each one she has. Ask the florist to identify each flower. Play soft music or hire a harpist. The high functioning residents can be given a form with the flower names listed on a page and ask that they go around and find each flower. Low functioning and moderate functioning residents will enjoy just seeing and smelling the flowers. This is a really pretty event. You can expand this idea by inviting local flower groups.

Think outside the box. This can be an inside event or outside event. This can include flowers, plants, vegetables, growing, cutting, drying, painting flowers crafts, etc. One of the horticulture programs has to be with your moderate functioning residents and will need to show us how you adapted the program. You will need to indicate which programs are high functioning and which are moderate functioning. All entries will become the property of Alternative Solutions and will be offered on the web site. The submissions will not be returned. The winner will be posted on our web site under horticulture. The winner will be personally notified in August 2007.


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