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books and videos from Alternative Solutions
Sensory Products

Alzheimer's and Dementia Store
Sponsored by National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners - exercise your brain!


Online Payment Service

Activity Resources
Sing-a-long with videos by Sentimental Productions.


Alzheimer's Store


Affirmative Therapy -
Affirmative Therapy for Caregivers CD and Affirmative Therapy for Memory and Cognitive Challenges CD

Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge is an excellent book to read to children that will help explain memory loss. Wake Up! A Sensory Stimulation Program for Long-Term Care Residents is an approach to sensory stimulation that really works! For those managing a dementia unit we recommend Best Friends: Staff- Building a Culture of Care in Alzheimer’s Programs, Increasing the Quality of Life for the Older Adult , Lost Person Behavior Book, Dementia Care Plans and Success Oriented Programs For the Dementia Resident. Click here For additional books.

Calendars -
Need ideas for your monthly calendars for residents with Dementia? We are here to help!


Caregivers -
Affirmative Therapy for Caregivers CD and Affirmative Therapy for Memory and Cognitive Challenges CD

Communication Resources -
We recommend "Creating Moments of Joy" and Communicating with the Alzheimer's-type Population: The Validation® Method.We also have communication devices for individuals with dementia.

Dementia and Alzheimer Courses

Wandering Committee Guidelines

Links -
Links to Dementia and Alzheimer's Resources

Music -
Songbooks, CD's, and Cassette Tapes by Anthony Songs and IDEA

Nutrition & Dietary Products for Dementia and Alzheimer's
4-week cycle menus, forms, care plans, nutrition guide

Pet Therapy -
Want to enhance your pet therapy program? Try "Pet Therapy & Intergenerational Program Training Guide & Video."

Prints - Art Work for Dementia Units
Galleria del Lago - prints men will enjoy

Relaxation videos -
For relaxing, for enjoyment, for sensory stimulation... Aquarium videos are just amazing! EcoFilms are also wonderful! And check out Snowfall Serenades and other films by Vic Campbell.

Reminiscence Videos -
For reminiscing, we highly recommend videos by Memory Lane and Vic Campbell. Its also great for individuals with dementia or Alzheimer's disease. Videos by Sentimental Productions not only provide reminiscing, it provides clients an opportunity to singalong. Click here for more videos.

Safety Products-
Safety first...and make it last!


Sexuality Products-
Videos and Books; CNA Abuse Training

Sensory Program -Try "ESP, The Enrichment Sensory Program" and Wake Up! A Sensory Stimulation Program for Long-Term Care Residents to enhance your sensory program.

Training Programs -
Ready to go inservice programs that you can present to your staff include: Weight Loss and Dementia Inservice, Dehyraditon, How to visit with low functioning residents as they decline: Tips for successful visits, Sensory Stimulation, and others. Click here.

Aquarium Video & CD



Order your promotional items early while supplies last

Alzheimer's and Dementia



Ethics Awareness





Study Guides
Alternative Solutions in Long Term Care, LLC provide resources and services for Health Care Professionals and Care Givers. Recreation Therapists, Activity Directors, Social Workers, Creative Arts Specialists, and other health care workers utilize this site to obtain information and purchase products for use in nursing homes and long term care facilities. Products and resources include sensory stimulation products, relaxation videos, party supplies, care plans, activity calendars, and more. For additional resources visit our associate site the Therapeutic Recreation Directory at To become certified in Dementia Care go to


Liberty Mutual

Dish Network - Free Installation

Finally Organized, Finally Free
An amazing collection of 1,300 organizing tips, ideas and techniques to help you organize your home, your office and your life!


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