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Newsletter Archive

        Featured Articles

Winter 2009

  • Activity Directors Guidelines to Surviving the Holidays

Summer / Fall 2009

  • Sex Offenders in Long Term Care / Sexuality / Intimacy Education is Key For Staff Education!

Spring 2009

  • Ways to Honor Your Staff
  • NCCDP Declares February 14th to the 21st 2009 as Alzheimer’s and Dementia Staff Education Week
  • Activity Profession Tribute Contest

Winter 2008

  • Christine Gerard Winner of Activity Profession Tribute

Fall 2008

  • Activity Profession Tributes

April 2008

  • Creative Forecasting Contest
  • Corporate Activity Consultants Are a Plus for Health Care Organizations
  • Training Your Activity Staff the Right Way Has Big Pay Offs!

Feb/March 2008

  • New Activity Director- What to do first?

Jan 2007

  • Winner of Activity Professional Tribute Contest

Winter 2006

  • Activity Professionals Week
  • We Are Activity Professionals

Fall 2006

  • Toxic Plants and Poisonous Plants
  • “Theme or Not To Theme…That is the question”
  • Aroma Therapy

March 2006

  • Guidance to Surveyors of Long Term Care Facilities

Dec 2005

  • Activity Professionals Week: Suggestions to make your week successful
  • Sensory Rooms and FTAG 248

Winter 2005

  • A Focus on Products of Interest to Long Term Care Professionals

August 2005

  • FTAG 248 is changing: ARE YOU READY?
  • Trending Resident Council Minutes
  • How to be prepared for state inspection and Resident Council
  • Resident Councils, the Watch Dog for Resident Rights

Spring 2005

  • What About Music?
  • Dementia & Nutrition: Recommendations for Activity Professionals and Recreation Therapists.
  • Live Instructors vs. Video’s for Training
  • Robert’s Rules of Order

Winter 2004

  • Alternative Exercise Programs

June 2004

  • Are you ready for the dementia population?
  • Low Functioning Activities
  • Great Activity Idea for the Summer

Feb 2004

  • Violence in the Workplace
  • Volunteer Recognition
  • Alzheimer’s & Dementia Unit Development

Dec 2003

  • Ethics: Ideas to instill ethics and values in your employees.

August 2003

  • Spirituality and Aging
  • Population and Calendar Analysis

June 2003



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