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bullet Advocacy
bullet Age Frienldy Environments
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bullet Aging Coalition
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bullet Agitation
bullet Aggressive Behavior
bullet Alarms
bullet Alcohol and Drugs
bullet Alternative Housing for Seniors
bullet Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia
bullet Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Products
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bullet Alzheimer's Disease Registry
bullet Alzheimer's Garden
bullet Alzheimer's International
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bullet Amputee
bullet Anesthesia
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bullet Black Hole Study and Depth Perception
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bullet Care Givers
bullet Care Giving
bullet Care Giving Books
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bullet Chronic Care
bullet Clergy
bullet Clutter
bullet CMS
bullet CNA Mandatory Training
bullet Coconut Oil Alternative Therapy
bullet Cognition
bullet Cognition in Dogs
bullet Cognitive Games
bullet Cognitive Training
bullet Colostomy and Dementia
bullet Comfort Therapy
bullet Communication
bullet Community Living
bullet Competency
bullet Consent
bullet Conference
bullet Counseling
bullet Consulting
bullet Creativity - Art, Dance, Music, Drama
bullet Cultural Change
bullet Cultural Competency
bullet Cultural Diversity
bullet Customer Satisfaction Survey
bullet Death and Dying
bullet Dehydration
bullet Delirium
bullet Dementia Activities
bullet Dementia and Alzheimer's
bullet Dementia Care Mapping
bullet Dementia Coach
bullet Dementia Education
bullet Dementia Friendly Communities
bullet Dementia Gardens
bullet Dementia Holidays
bullet Dementia Monitoring System
bullet Dementia and Hospitals
bullet Dementia and Huntington Disease
bullet Dementia Stores
bullet Dementia Unit
bullet Dementia Unit Design
bullet Dementia Unit Managers
bullet Dementia Units/Color
bullet Depression
bullet Design
bullet Developmental Disability
bullet Diagnostic Manual
bullet Diagnostics
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bullet Difficult Behaviors
bullet Dining
bullet Disability
bullet Disease
bullet Diversity
bullet Dolls
bullet Documentation
bullet Down Syndrome and Aging
bullet Drama
bullet Driving
bullet Education
bullet Elder Abuse
bullet Elder Care Coordiantors
bullet Elder Co-Housing
bullet Elderly Consumer Protection
bullet Elder Economic Security
bullet Elderly in Prison
bullet Elder Law Attorney
bullet Elderly Substance Abuse
bullet E-Learning
bullet Elopement and Wandering
bullet End of Life
bullet Engineering
bullet Environment
bullet Environment and Gardening
bullet Estate Planning
bullet Ethics
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bullet First Responder
bullet Five basic needs of dementia
bullet Free Resources
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bullet Gerontology
bullet Geriatrics
bullet Geriatric Anxiety
bullet Geriatric Care Manager
bullet Geriatric Education
bullet Geriatric Psychiatry
bullet GeroPsych
bullet Give a Senior Citizen a Ride
bullet Go Green
bullet Government
bullet Granny Pod
bullet Grants
bullet Grant Senior Wishes
bullet Green House
bullet Guardianship
bullet Health Care
bullet Health E Newsletter and Bulletins Free
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bullet Healthy Aging
bullet Hearing Impairment
bullet History
bullet HIV
bullet History of Alzheimer's Disease
bullet Home Care
bullet Health Care Assistants
bullet Home Health Agencies
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bullet Holistic
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bullet Mandatory Nurses Aide Training Nursing Home
bullet MDS
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bullet Medical Alert Systems
bullet Medical Centers for Alzheimer's
bullet Medical Director
bullet Medicare
bullet Medication
bullet Mental Health
bullet Memory Bridge
bullet Mental Capacity
bullet Memory Tools
bullet Mild Cognitive Impairment
bullet Mind Games
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bullet Nanny
bullet Nano Technology
bullet NAPA National Alzheimer's Project Act
bullet National Alzheimer's Project Act
bullet National Plan To Address Alzheimer's disease
bullet Native American Indians
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bullet Online Forums for Dementia and Alzheimer's
bullet Oral Health Care
bullet Odor Control
bullet Organizations
bullet Organizing
bullet Oriental Medicine
bullet Orthopedic
bullet Pain
bullet Palliative Care
bullet Parkinson
bullet Partnership To Improve Dementia Care In Nursing Homes
bullet Pastoral Care
bullet Patient Assistance
bullet Patient Safety
bullet Patient Centered Care
bullet Personal Alarms
bullet Person Centered Forms
bullet Pet Therapy
bullet Physical Exam
bullet Physician
bullet Pioneer Network
bullet Planning For Disaster
bullet Poems
bullet Poetry
bullet Pressure Ulcer
bullet Prescription Assistance
bullet Prison Dementia Units
bullet Pseudobulbar Affect (PBA)
bullet Psychiatry
bullet Publication
bullet Quality Assurance
bullet Quality Improvement
bullet Radiology
bullet Recreation
bullet Recreation Therapy
bullet Regulations
bullet Rehab
bullet Religion
bullet Reminiscing
bullet Repetitive
bullet Resident Monitoring
bullet Resident Rights
bullet Respite
bullet Responsibility
bullet Restraints
bullet Robotics
bullet Rocking Chair/Gliders
bullet Room Personalization
bullet Safety
bullet Senior Centers
bullet Senior Center without Walls
bullet Senior Discounts
bullet Senior Housing
bullet Senior Move
bullet Senior Wishes
bullet Sensory Gardens
bullet Senstivity
bullet Sex
bullet Sexual Abuse - Geriatric
bullet Sexuality/Intimacy
bullet Sexual Violence
bullet Shame
bullet Social Security
bullet Social Work
bullet Social Workers
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bullet Spirituality
bullet Stabotage
bullet Staff Attitude and Training
bullet Staffing
bullet Staff Development
bullet State Aging Associations
bullet State Health Care Associations
bullet State Regulations
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bullet Support Our Troops
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bullet Surveying Activities
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bullet Traumatic Encephalophy CTE
bullet Travel Guidelines
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bullet UK Organizations
bullet United States Debt Clock
bullet Violence
bullet Violence in Work Place
bullet Virtual Dementia Tour
bullet VIVE
bullet Volunteers
bullet Wandering and Elopement
bullet Wellness
bullet Wheelchair Dance
bullet Wireless Sensory Networks
bullet Wireless Call Systems
bullet Wounded Warriors
bullet Working with Dementia
bullet Workforce Retention
bullet Young Onset Alzheimer's Disease


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Alternative Solutions in Long Term Care, LLC provide resources and services for Health Care Professionals and Care Givers. Recreation Therapists, Activity Directors, Social Workers, Creative Arts Specialists, and other health care workers utilize this site to obtain information and purchase products for use in nursing homes and long term care facilities. Products and resources include sensory stimulation products, relaxation videos, party supplies, care plans, activity calendars, and more. For additional resources visit our associate site the Therapeutic Recreation Directory at To become certified in Dementia Care go to


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