Pet Express
Pet Therapy Club

Facility Sponsored Pet Therapy Program & Intergenerational Program

Authors: Lisa Reidinger, LNHA, CTRS, CSW
Sandra Stimson, CALA, ADC

Pet Therapy & Intergenerational Program Training Guide

Complete instruction manual on how to set up an intergenerational and pet therapy program in your facility.

Featured on national television, Pet Express brings together children from local elementary school, their pets and seniors. Pet Express will attract many children as well as their parents. This program is a facility sponsored club, Pet Express. Either weekly or monthly, the children will come to the facility to visit with the seniors. The club kids will also play an important role at holiday time. For example; Halloween, the children and their pets will visit in costume.

This program is guaranteed to be the most popular and anticipated program for seniors living in long term care facilities.

The guide will provide you with the necessary tools
to implement this extremely successful and easy to do program. You will receive